The War Between E-books & Printed Books

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In Praise of Printed Books, Part 2

For the first blog entry we will hit the ground running. In the first chapter of the text the authors talk about certain factors — enabling, limiting, motivating, and inhibiting — that either make a technology a success or a failure. Even though you may have a limited knowledge of technology you can figure out some of these factors for printed books versus e-books. That is right, both are types of technology. Read the short article above (don’t worry about it being Part 2, you don’t need to read Part 1) about books and then write a blog entry in which you discuss the enabling, limiting, motivating, and inhibiting factors of e-books versus printed books?  What is your preference?




In Praise of the Printed Books, Part 2, Warren discusses the cons of having access to electronic books, or E-books. Some of which I agree with, however; as a millennial, I am able to view this presumption from both sides. Looking into how much technology has taken over our lives and how it allows for better access, I believe E-books are at an advantage. Although, as an author, one might refute my side, because of sales. From my personal opinion, E-books do enable us to read more. It gives us an opportunity to access a book more easily than that of carrrying around a paperback or hardback book. Those can not only be heavy, but can be very inconvenient to tag along. If we are already using technological devices; (i.e. Ipads, Kindles, and cell phones) on a daily basis, it is that much more accessible for us to download and read a book. The question now is do E-books limit us to grasping the full effect of a reading selection? I can concur. When I am reading an E-book, because it is mostly on my Kindle, sometimes I am distracted whereas I would less likely be distracted if I was actually holding a physical book in my hand and wasn’t getting notifications or anything of that sort from social networks or emails. On the otherhand (literally); I am more motivated to read having it be so easy for me to obtain. I have a Kindle and I can access the online book store to purchase a book. I don’t have to leave my home to purchase the book and that makes it that much more motivating for me to even want to read the book. With this all being said, I still will atest that the experience one gets by reading an E-book isn’t even comparable to reading a printed book. So in short, E-books may be convenient, but they ARE inhibiting the exuberating, full experience of “reading” an actual book, not tablet.


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