To unlock or not to unlock..

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The Obama Administration Pushes the FCC to Allow Phone Unlocking

There are a couple of “policies” that contribute to the culture of cell phone usage in the United States.  One of those is “unlocking” a cell phone in order to do away with the restrictions that a manufacturer or carrier place on users, and another is the freedom or lack thereof of choosing a cell carrier.  The article above deals with these.  Read it and then comment on the issues in terms of the motivating, limiting, inhibiting, and enabling factors we have discussed.


I remember wanting the iPhone when it was first released. However, I did not have the AT&T phone service. Therefore, I couldn’t get the iPhone unless I switched service providers which I was in a position to do. After awhile, finally Sprint did have the iPhone, but by that time, I was not elgible for an upgrade, so I had to wait. Impatiently, once I was able to get an upgrade, I got the phone. However, the point of it all is that I still couldnt not purchase an iPhone until my service provider had the phone through their company directly.

In the above article, it discusses the approval for unlocking phones passed by President Barack Obama and his administration. This way, people are able to use phones provided by different carries for their service provides. This is awesome, because people are now motivated to purchasing the phones they desire and it enables them to stay with their current service providers. This enables the growth of technology as all customers will now have access to the same phones no matter what service providers they are purchasing.

This may be inhibiting for the carriers as they will feel as though they no longer carry a niche product. Although some people will even switch carriers for the phones of their choice. I also don’t believe it’s limiting to anyone except for the carriers; but even still it isn’t limiting to them, because now customers will soley choose the carriers and service providers based upon their specific needs of a service plan. The locks on the phones limit the spread of technology.

I belive the issues with this plan to have unlocked phones will be far and few between. Although many carriers will refute the idea, it will be an overall great plan for customers. And in conclusion, I agree with the new decision. In the above article, it is expressed the inhibting, enabling, limiting, and motivating factors.


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