A Future Without TV?

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The Future of TV

We have been discussing digital TV and its various forms — digital, cable, DBS, IPTV.  The link above is to an interview with Brian Roberts from Comcast, one of the largest media companies in the country.  The interview focuses on what the networks will have to do to stay competitive in a world full of competition that is making more and more content available free to consumers.  Read this and decide what you think about what Roberts says.  Do you agree with him?  Why or why not?  Do you have any ideas of your own about the future of the networks? As always, think about this in terms of enabling, limiting, motivating, and inhibiting factors.
Interesting it is, to read about someone proposing a question that TV may not be in our near future. I say near, because in 10 years, I will still be young. To me, I’ll be in my prime years. And yet, the thought that TV might not be around.. ehh, I digress the idea.
Just as Brian Roberts from Comcast discussed in the above article, cable and television will more than likely be an option for us. The fact of the matter is, there will just be a lot more options, as well. After reading the interview, I was very intrigued to learn more about the new innovative technology and its effects on our access to media choices. We are led in the direction of new technology each day. When tablets came out, we all desired to have one as it was like the “new kid on the block”. You could do nothing particularly new on the tablet that you couldn’t do in some other source of technology, but yet you could do so many things at once on this one single item.
What I believe Brian’s point was in his interview is, not that we will lose sight of what came first, but that we will now be introduced to more options. I recall Brian talking about how consumers stating they did not need cable, but in fact they do and continue to purchase it despite having access to streamers like Aereo. I, in fact, always talk about how I do not need cable and I don’t watch much TV, but in the moments I do watch cable, I do appreciate that time. There are certain shows I enjoy and like to watch. Even if they were streamed, I still enjoy watching it on a TV. For those that are streamed online, the thought I would have to plug my laptop to the my TV and have it being used as well.. would be exhausting. Especially if this was an every day thing, because I most certainly would not watch TV from my laptop regularly.
In the case of inhibiting, enabling, motivating and limiting factors, I believe this new technology of streaming and wireless access without cable would limit cable companies a great deal. It almost seems as though Time Warner Cable is already monopolizing, so other companies would have an even harder time in trying to provide packages for consumers. However, even in saying that, I do believe it will be motivating for cable companies to lessen their monthly dues and perhaps even be more sympathetic to customers in customizing cable packages. (In which, we all wish we could do). This would enable to economic enhancement of wireless devices. Maybe even encourage developers to increase their innovative technologies. And of course, customers would be motivated to scout out their options before making final decisions on how, where, and when they wanted to watch tv shows, movies, access internet, etc.
In conclusion, I enjoyed reading this interview as it made me think about the rapid change in technology and how it really changes our lives and the options in which we seek. I agree with Brian Roberts. More options are going to come available, but cable tv will still live on for awhile.

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