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billboards called another distraction

The link above is about three
years old, but read it anyway and see if it still applies. It is about digital
signage on the roadways. Electronic billboards. Should there be laws to outlaw
them? Are they really distractions to motorists? What effect would banning them
have on the digital signage industry? Is banning something that may seem
dangerous the best thing to do? Don’t digital signs save paper? Give consumers
more up-to-date information? Read and comment.


In the above article, there are talks about whether digital billboards are a hazard to drivers. The article expresses a debate between hazard prevention versus marketing experts. From the comparison to cell phone usage while driving to standing billboards, there are some debate that left me in a changing mind state.

For starters, I began immediatly believing digital billboards should be banned. I thought about how distracting it would be to see flashing lights ahead and how tempting one would be to take a look. Like it was stated in the article, one can refuse to text, but you can’t refuse to see what is in front of you flashing. Advertising is just that. You see it whether you want to or not. That is the purpose. But is it so distracting to where it should be banned? There is where the argument lie in this article.

Some believed both stading billboards and digital billboards are equally as distracting. They both do catch your attention and cause you to glance in that direction. In my opinion, they should not be banned completely, but better yet, come with strict rules. I would agree they are distracting, but if there is no evidence to show they cause car crashers, who are we to refute the idea without proper premise?!

Of course the digital signage industry would fail if we were to ban them, but honestly, that is not where my point would lie. As a matter of fact, I find it to be irrelevant in the point of debate. To “seem” dangerous and to “be” dangerou are two different things. If digial billboards were proven to be dangerous in any way, then yes – ban them immediately! However, that is not the case.. yet. Then, some would say, “well should we ban them just in case?” That I am not so sure about. I figured if there were strict regualations, then we would be able to regulate the signage, so it would be less distracting as possible.

On a brighter note, digital billboards do save paper. Aren’t we trying to go GREEN? Signs are everywhere. They will grasp attention whether or not is digital. Lets take heed to a new innovative technology! Long live digital billboards!!


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