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Bill would create royalty market for broadcaster payments to

The link above discusses the issue of paying royalties to
copyright holders of music. Read it carefully to make sure you understand the
issue and then comment on whether you would be in favor of this type of law or
against it. Would this be an inhibiting or enabling factor in the radio
industry. We already have radio, of course, and probably always will. But what
type of effect might this law have on other technologies. As you read this you
need to take note at ASCAP and BMI are organizations that protect the copyright
holder. They do not, however, protect the performer. Anyway, read and


In the above article, there are discussions about paying royalties to artists by the radio stations who stream their music. This has been a debate for some while now. In case you weren’t aware, artists do not get paid for having their music played on the radio nor on any online stream. This has been an issue, because radio station is basically being paid for other artists’ music.

Immediately, I thought this would be a great idea. After reading further into the article and viewing sides from both major label aritists and independent artists, my decision did change. This would be inhibiting to radio stations AND to independent artists. For one, the idea of paid royalities, is that artists will be able to negotiate fees for having their music played. The thing is, what if they don’t like the pay? Will they then completely reject the idea and not have their music played on the particular radio station? This will hurt both the artist and radio station.

Now, independent artists are hurting, because it is argued they won’t even have the means to sit in on a negotiation conversation about royalty pay. This policy will hurt too many. Even the then, it would make it harder for online stations or radios accessed from cell phones to stream music.

In conclusion, I just believe this will make it such a complicated process to stream the music, it won’t even be worth it. In the end, artists and copyright holders have gone this long without royalty pay.. why change it now?


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