Digital Delivery

In response to:
Studios and exhibitors unveil digital cinema network
After reading the L.A. Times article above think about what this type of effect an innovation like this might have on the movie industry, or maybe even more relevant, on the movie theater industry.  Is digital delivery a good thing overall or will it create difficulties for some?  Think of this in terms of the enabling, limiting, motivating, and inhibiting factors that come up with this technology.
The above article talks about the new innovation of digital and satellite delivery of movies to theaters. This is a great idea! The costs of the companies to produce movies is already so costly and expensive. This will save them thousands of dollars. To me, this will enable and motivate independent film makers to try to broadcast their films in theaters. In comparison to physical delivery, digital and satellite delivery is almost free. But.. I still have concerns.
My main concern is that although this will be cheaper, will this increase the price of movies? Will it be inhibiting to delivery companies and take away jobs? So will this innovation be limiting to particular theaters that are unable to afford the technology needed for digital delivery? Those are my concerns and questions for this new technology.
I think this will be a great thing for everyone. This way, it will shorten the time length we have to wait for a movie to “come out”. Maybe then, at this cut costs, more movies will be screened and we will get to see some films produced by smaller companies who already could barely afford to make the film, but the distribution of it was also costly for them.

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