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For this one you do not have to read any articles.  I want you to search your own memory banks and recount when you first discovered personal computers.  How old were you?  What were the circumstances?  Who taught you to use one?  And so on…..  The idea is for you to think about PCs and how they have affected you and your life.
Oh wow! Thinking back to when I didn’t have a computer.. I was fairly young, honestly. I remember taking up a community program to learn about computers, how they operate and how they are made. They taught us how to take a part the computer and put one back together. They taught us how to use the computer, as well. At the end of the program, we were all given desktop computers. Granted, these were not brand new computers – it was still a privelage to have a computer as they had just become a new technology. I took this program when I was in either the fourth or fifth grade.
So, I had to have been in 4th grade at the latest when I first discovered computers. The crazy thing is, I never remember being awed by the thought of computers. They were cool, but I think I was more fascinated with the idea of the upgraded iPhone. For me, when computers were first introduced, there were no negative circumstances for me. I got a computer and was introduced into an entire new world. Social networks.. Microsoft Office.. Solitare.. everything!
Yahoo was most popular growing up, but as the years passed, I came accustomed to Google and stuck with it. PCs really changed my life all around. I was so young, so I didn’t notice at that time, but I honestly could not imagine a life without computers. I mean, they have enabled us to access so much information in the world. It has helped us to communicate in so many different ways.. by email, social networks, blogs, etc. It’s incredible!

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