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David Lowery from the University of Georgia has recently published a list of the “Top 50 Undesirable Lyric Websites.”  These sites, according to Lowery, post music lyrics but do not have a license to do so.  Thus, they are violating copyright laws.  The music industry has taken note of this and the Nationa Music Publishers’ Association has declared legal warfare against these illegal lyric sites.  Do you believe this is illegal?  Should people be allowed to post lyrics on web sites?  How does posting these lyrics actually harm the artists?  Discuss you opinion on this issue and decide whether you think this is a good idea or not.

The above link displays a list of illegal websites whom are illegally providing lyrics to the public. My first question becomes, what makes it illegal? I begin to think if these specific sites are posting lyrics before the albums or particular songs are released OR are they posting wrong lyrics? These are the first questions I would like to address before discussing how I feel about how this may or may not harm the artists.
IF these websites are illegal because they are providing lyrics to songs that have not been publicly released by the artists themselves, then I agree the sites should be taken down and should be fined tremendously. Although the song itself isn’t posted, the lyrics are such an important part to putting the song together. The lyrics ARE the song. If they are providing these lyrics, this will give access to other artists or individuals to use them before the original song is being publicized and released. This is not fair to the artist; just like their songs being leaked isn’t fair and harms the sales of their albums.
IF these websites are illegal because they are providing wrong lyrics to songs, then it shouldn’t be a concern. If artists are upset about that, they can provide lyrics themselves. I highly doubt this would be the reason these websites are illegal; however, it could be so. I know there are times I am listening to songs and can’t possibly figure out what they are saying. Either it is too fast or the music is much louder than the artist’s voice and hard to hear. Regardless, I often times result to lyric websites to get the words. Sometimes I have even come across lyrics that I know are completely wrong. This could be a hinderance in how the song is interpreted and could reflect badly on an artist. This could inevitably be a detriment to the artist’s reputation. I know this may seem like a stretch, but with media – anything is possible.
Overall, I am not completely sure how I feel about this issue. If an artist could explain to me how it is harming them or negatively affecting their sales, maybe I would understand a little better. As of right, I am not sure I can grasp the reality of these “illegal sites”. I honestly don’t see too big of a problem with posting lyrics. And as I stated previously, if the artists do not want their lyrics to be posted, then they NEED to provide them to the public.

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