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For this entry you need not look up any web pages.  This one is about mobile phones.  The primary question is how do you think mobile telephones have changed the lives of users over the last several years?  Do you remember when you didn’t have a mobile phone?  OK, so when did you get your first mobile phone?  How old do you think kids should be before they get a phone?  You get the idea.  What I am looking for is a statement on the social impact of mobile phones.



How do I think cell phones have changed lives? Oh, I could talk about this all day. Honestly, if you were to ask me what technology I thought was most fascinating.. cell phones would most certainly be at the top of my list. They have integrated so much over the past years and they are continuing to be more innovative. From only being able to call people, to text messages, to internet accessibility, and then to being able to make video calls.. no one could argue that cell phones are incredibly evolving at a fast pace. 

I can remember when I didn’t have a phone, but at that age, I was young anyways. I was too young to even think about a phone at that time and during that age before the turn of the 20th century. I got my first phone when I was in 5th or 6th grade. My first phone was the Nokia that had the game, “snake”. I had T9 texting and pre-paid minutes. I will never forget. I upgraded my 6th grade year to a flip phone with a contract plan. The flip phones were so dramatic when you wanted to hang up on someone (haha). Anyhow, back in the day when I had a cell phone, it was for fun. I really think I had a cell phone just because other kids had cell phones. I had no real need to use a cell phone. However, in more recent times, kids are needing phones at younger ages. I feel like they are becoming more independent from their parents and more dependent on cell phones. For instance, it seems as though as years pass, you see younger kids in the malls by themselves. They would definitely need a cell phone to call their parents if anything happened or if they were ready to be picked up. I think 6th grade is an appropriate age for kids to start getting cell phones. This does not mean they need to have the most updated cell phone like the iPhone5, but they can surely have at least a touch screen. It allows them to connect with their friends outside of school and keep up with family outside of the city limits. Because we all know, house phones are becoming more and more out of date by the minute. I think the only reason house phones still exist is because cable and internet companies add it to bundle deals.

It is sad to a certain extent that we have become so dependent upon our cell phones. It is like I feel empty without it. If I were walking down a dark alley, I would feel safer if I had my cell phone with me. Not like the cell phone is a weapon or can serve as any real protection against a predator, but it certainly gives some sense of security within one’s own mind. Cell phones are like the connection to the world. We can talk to anyone at anytime, anywhere. If we miss their faces – no problem, we can video chat. We can use location services to see what is nearby. Cell phones are simply incredible! Honest opinion – if a kid can operate a cell phone and you can afford to buy one – let them have one! 


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