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The last assignment was about the mobile phone and its impact.  This one is about the Internet and its impact.  Unless you are really old, like me, the Internet has been around your entire life, so I won’t ask you if you recall life before the Internet.  I will ask you how you think the Internet changes your life.  That is, imagine life without the Internet.  What would that be like?  Think about how often you use the Internet and what you use it for.  A lot of stuff, huh?  Well, think about if you didn’t have it.  And think about people who DON’T have it.  How do you think their lives are in a world where everyone else has it?



Oh dear Internet! Google.. my guilty pleasure! I kid you not, I will Google anything and anyONE! I will literally sit in class and if a professor brings up a topic, person, or even word I don’t know – I will get right on Google. I call it my guilty pleasure, but surely it has helped me in more than enough ways. Being able to quickly access information using the internet has helped me to engage in some quite interesting conversations. No one person knows everything, but it is enticing when you meet someone like my grandmother who is very wise and always up to date with the latest news. She has always challenged me to expand my knowledge. I remember as a child, she paid me to read books. Now, as she slowly but surely comes to be more technologically savvy, she now challenges me to “put my phone to use”. If ever I ask her a question, she always says, “well what do you have internet on your phone for if you aren’t going to use it? LOOK IT UP!” And I do exactly that. I look up whatever it is I want to know. So without having this ability, I couldn’t imagine life – seriously.

I know I wouldn’t be as knowledgeable as I am today. I get a lot of my information from beyond the classroom. I enjoy researching more on a topic and reading the news online. After all, one never knows who they could run into and wanting to engage in an intellectual conversation. Internet has also kept me in contact with many friends and associates through social media. I use the Internet very frequently. I couldn’t even realistically count the amount of hours a day a use the internet, because if I am ever doing “nothing”, I am sure to be utilizing the internet in some way. The internet is just incredible! All of the fascinating things on the internet, it is hard to imagine a world without it. For me, I literally have never lived without it. I was born in the time of technology. Everything has just become more innovative since I was born. 

For people who don’t have the internet, I have one question: WHY NOT? Seriously! Not to be rude, but why wouldn’t a person want access to the world? That’s what the internet is. It isn’t just social media. It is pictures. Information. Information. And more Information. The internet is opportunity. Now in recent days, you are even able to gain degrees on the internet. New languages can be learned on the internet. Just everything! I understand some older people are so against this new age of technology, but it’s time to get past that. It’s happening. It’s here! I even know people who can barely afford the internet, but still find it to be more of a necessity than a want.

If you are in high school or college, the internet is definitely a necessity. For research papers, or just papers in general. Homework often includes the need for outside information you didn’t get or retain in the classroom. Even if you have a book, often times it is still faster to search the internet for answers.


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