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All right, we all have been inundated with social media stuff.  How long is this going to go on?  Is social media here to stay or will it be just a flash in the pan — like diskettes and laser disks?  Or is it here for the long haul?  How do you think it will be used in the future, or do you think it won’t be and something else will take its place?  In other words, give us your take on social media.  What do you think? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Social media is here to stay. What could possibly make it go away? Ever since the very first social medias became popular, they have just been putting out more networks and changing certain things about them. They have grown in popularity beyond belief and I believe they will continue to grow! Diskettes are gone, because there was a more effective way to store information, music, etc. Hence the cd and usb. The idea is still around. Just like MySpace.. it may not be nearly as popular as it was before, but some people do in fact, still use it. Believe it or not, social medias are great networking opportunities. I said “believe it or not”, because a lot of people believe they are bad, because it gives access for predators to reach their children who shouldn’t have these social networking sites anyways. All in all, they are predominately for mature audience usage only. They are regulated to some extent and really, it is the person using the network site that needs to be more responsible in protecting themselves. 

In the future, however, I think they may be used on many different levels. I find that in the marketing world, products and services are rising due to advertisements through social media and how fast messages can be sent and viewed. So, there is for sure money to be made in this business. Speaking of money, in the career field, more and more employers are beginning to use social media to observe potential candidates for jobs. I’m still not how I feel about this. Social media is a time away from work. Although, one should be a great reflection of a company, I think it should highly depend on the job and the reputable significance. I feel like in the future, there will be less “for fun” social media and more business oriented purposes put to use. 

I, personally, enjoy social media. Although, with this new term, “catfish”, sometimes people aren’t who they say they are, I find it to be enjoyable to meet new people through venues I would have never met them otherwise. I actually have first met people through social media and then later seen them in real life at school or something of that sort. It is a great way to keep up with people, news, and food! Yes, I said FOOD! Chefs, recipe book publishers, anyone having to with food are taking the social media avenue to promote their goods. You better believe it! I see recipes in my FaceBook newsfeed every day. And don’t think I haven’t taken full advantage and have copied a few down for myself! Social media is awesome. It connects individuals in ways a normal phone conversation or day to day meet and greet would not. Of course it isn’t going anywhere. It may change a bit. but it is surely here to stay. 



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