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This is the one you have been waiting for.  The last blog entry.  This one is a free for all.  Write about anything that you want, as long as it has something to do with communication technology.  If you can’t think of something to write then just tell us about your experience in this course as far as learning is concerned.  Is there any one thing that stands out in your mind as being especially important to know about?  Is there something that you thought we would cover that we didn’t cover?  You set the agenda and tell us something about tech.


I would have liked to talk more about cell phones and the evolution of them. As stated in a previous blog, video chat has always been extremely fascinating to me. It is a technology on its own, however, it was enabled because of the cell phone. When Skype came out, it was popular, but not as popular as the Apple FaceTime has become. Why? Because it is so much more convenient to video chat with someone “on-the-go”. I think because of the convenience of the cell phone, more technologies are all being put into one. We are able to stream and watch television, the digital pictures, the social networking.. I can’t think of one thing you can’t do with your cell phone that you could do with your laptop or television only. Perhaps, video gaming systems are only specific to use on a television, but certainly it’s because you have to use controllers to play them. Anyhow, I would also have liked to discuss the creation of Siri on the iPhone. She’s completely phenomenal! Very handy indeed and she progresses with each new phone that comes out. Like who would have thought your phone would be able to talk back to you? Text for you? Find locations? Tell you how to get there? The evolving cell phone is yet the most rapidly growing technology! I could talk about my interest in it all day. How you go from a simple phone that can only receive calls, then texts, then video calls? The ability to access the Internet on the cell phones.. I mean, for my younger sister’s generation – they would never be able to appreciate the changes, but for me, I can! I remember when cell phones were just blocks you held up to your ear and only used in emergencies. Now they have become of every day life. I even do homework from my cell phone. If I wanted to, I could have posted this blog from my cell phone. Who would have ever thought it!? The rising capability is interesting, however, it becomes scary when you think of the future and what the next thing a cell phone will be able to do. I think sometimes, cell phones are a mere distraction for the government to have unlimited access to people. I mean, cell phones track location, search engines, voice calls, texts… anything the government wanted to know, they could seriously find out  with the use of a cell phone. But that.. that seems a little bit scary..


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