In Response to:
Jefferson County Public Schools and Cell Phone Usage

the Jefferson County Public Schools have a cell phone policy that has recently been changed.  Read the article above that deals with the changes in JCPS policy and determine what you think about it.  Is it good, bad, or doesn’t matter? Whatever your opinion make sure you have a reason for thinking as you do.
Since I was in 6th grade, I’ve had a cell phone. Since I was in 6th grade, they have been banned from use in school. Since I was in 6th grade, I have used my cell phone during school. But, since I was in 6th grade, Google has become my guilty pleasure. The relevance to this is in response to the article about JCPS waiving to have their students utilize their cell phones during school hours. Each principle is said to have to apply for this waiver and explicate rationale on the reasons behind approving the usage of cell phones. My number one reason is the knowledge behind smartphones and the access to more information.
I stated Google is my guilty pleasure, because I am always googling a term or anything I may not fully understand. If I am in class and there is a word I may not know, I will Google it. Even if we are discussing articles in class, recent news, whatever it may be, I am so quick to pull it up on my phone, so I am able to better follow along with the discussion. I have done this for years now.  Because of this, my vocabulary has expanded; and people could incur that I am articulate.
I could defend both sides of the argument. There are both advantages and disadvantages to students being able to use their cell phones in school. An advantage is that of what was stated in the article; if students know they can use their cell phones in school, the temptation to constantly check their phones will decrease. Trust me, I know, because I am a student. When people are told they cannot do something, their drive to do it increases. When I know I can check my phone on my time, terms, and by my discresion, I hardly am on my phone as much.
The flip side of being able to utilize cell phones in a classroom would also be that students could access the Internet, sources of information, etc. However, in rebuttal to that argument, I believe studnets would then feel inclined to obtain cell phones; in which some grade school students do not have. Would cell phones now become a part of the school supply list? If teachers adequately use cell phones as a part of their daily instruction, everyone would have to have this item or some would be left out or at a disadvantage.
I do agree fully about allowing cell phone usage during break times. What could this possible hurt?

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